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A God Who Looks Like Jesus

By Herb Montgomery

Four presentations about God or are they about Jesus: 1 - A Jesus-Like God 2 - God In Conflict 3 - The Victory of God 4 - A Jesus-Like Church

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As He Is

by 4th Angel Publications

Highly absorbing, fascinating, and even challenging, with prayer this book will change your life.

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      Paperback  or  eBook        338 Pages

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Cosmic Conflict Over God's Character

by Drs. Brad and Dorothee Cole

The Cosmic Conflict Over God’s Character--a 13 week guide to discovering the trustworthiness of God--is the second in a series of the Truth, Love and Freedom Bible Study Guides.


Paperback (213 pages)

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Creation vs. Evolution and God's Character

by Dr. Brad Cole

How is the evolution vs. creation debate a character of God issue?

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Digma Videos

by Ty Gibson


Stories that will shift your world.    See.   Feel.   Engage.

Online Videos

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Father's Love Letter

by  Father God

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The cry of a Father's heart from Genesis to Revelation.

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God (Princeton U.)

By Herb Montgomery

A weekend about God as presented to the of students Princeton University.

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God and Your Brain

by Timothy R. Jennings, MD

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In this three-part seminar, recorded live on November 9, 2013, Christian psychiatrist Dr. Tim Jennings explores how our brains are in a constant state of flux and how our view of God changes us, physically and spiritually.

Set of 2 DVDs

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God Is Love

by G. E. Fifield

G. E. Fifield, a 19th century writer, eloquently makes the case that all theology and all doctrines ultimately point to the single greatest belief of all, that God is love! Any doubts about God's love are answered in full by the life and death of Jesus, the perfect reflection of God's glory.

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Paperback (222 pages) or Hardcover

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Illuminating Shadows

By Herb Montgomery

Jesus and the God of the Old Testament.

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Is There Really A God?

by Dr. Greg Boyd

This presentation was made at the 2009 Good News Tour in Vancouver, BC by Dr. Greg Boyd.  Greg tells the story of his atheistically based search for God.

The Good News Tour is a conference that is entirely about God.



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Modern Medicine, Biblical Technology and the Brain

by Timothy R. Jennings, MD  and  James L. Marcum, MD

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Modern Medicine, Biblical Technology and the Brain  is a seminar, professionally record and edited that was jointly produced by Come and Reason  and  Heartwise Ministries. 

Set of 2 DVDs

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Oh My God!

by Paul Cinquemani

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A pew sitter gives up on the "organizational" God and starts from scratch: Are God and the Bible understandable for ordinary people? The most astonishing expose on God in terms your fifth grader can understand that's ever been published.

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One of Those Clouds

by Buddy Houghtaling

The 12 songs on this album will paint lasting glimpses of God in your mind's eye. 

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Searching For A God To Love

by Chris Blake

Author Chris Blake has revised and updated his best-selling book of a decade ago.  Do you have questions? Do you have doubts? Have you been hurt? Are you aching for something more? Great. You qualify to take the journey this life-changing book defines.

Paperback  (255 pages)

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See With New Eyes

by Ty Gibson

Seeing With New Eyes: The True Beauty of God’s Character

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Paperback    159 pages

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Servant God

by  19 Co-authors

Our goal in this book is to plainly discuss difficult questions about God that we all have, using words that everyone can understand.

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 Book (eBook or Hardcover)        414 Pages

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Support This Web Site

GodNewsGoodNews.org (this web site) is owned and operated by The Ministry Place, Inc.   The Ministry Place (TMP)  is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing services and support to select Christian ministries who diligently work to present the Biblical good news about God to the world. The GodNewsGoodNews.org  web site is a collection of choice products and services, selected from the various ministries served by TMP, for your convenience and blessing.

Providing our services and support to other ministries for free or for a nominal fee for more costly services, we rely primarily on financial supporters to enable us to accomplish our mission. 

Please consider a donation to support God News-Good News as you browse this special collection.  Any donation of $5 or more would be greatly appreciated and is tax deductible.  Thank You

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Table Talk: The Big Picture

by Light Bearers Ministries

Four guys at a table. All they’re told in advance is, “Bring your Bible and your brain.” A list of provocative and sublime topics is provided.

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The Desire of Ages -Magabook

by Ellen G. White

The Desire of Ages is a proven source of inspiration and enlightenment to millions of readers all over the world. And with good reason, for it deals with a universal yearning--the desire for living life to its fullest with the knowledge that we are here for a reason. That we are loved.

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Paperback-Magabook Format (10" x 8") 192 Pages

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The GOD Blog

by GenesisRoad.com

For nearly three and a half years, we journeyed through the Bible—one chapter at a time—asking the question, “What does this chapter tell me about God?” Here are the archives of that journey!

PDF File


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The Ultimate Prescription

by Dr. James Marcum

Learn what the medical community isn’t telling you.

Would you like to discover the powerful ways God is part of the healing process? Do you think the media, the government, or your doctor is telling you the whole truth when it comes to health care? Are you tired of taking medications that really don’t fix the problem?


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Truth Link

by Ty Gibson

Truth is not merely a list of abstract ideas or a collection of factual data. Rather, truth is an embodied reality, the sum total of which is to be found in the revelation of God in the person of Jesus Christ.

27 Printed Study Guides

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Web Conference Hosting Services

The Ministry Place, Inc.

  • A multi-media, interactive, web conferencing service for:
    Online Meetings
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  • Webinars
  • Our Web Conferencing Services are offered for FREE to select Christian ministries who diligently work to present the Biblical good news about God to the world.  If you feel your ministry qualifies, please contact us by email -- Buz@TheMinistryPlace.org, or call us at  413-329-7173.  We would love to talk with you about your ministry.

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