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The GOD Blog

by GenesisRoad.com

For nearly three and a half years, we journeyed through the Bible—one chapter at a time—asking the question, “What does this chapter tell me about God?” Here are the archives of that journey!

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The God Blog


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Who We Are

·         Genesis Road is a non-profit organization with a passion for worship.

·         We’re “nuts” about God!


What We Do

·         Seek out fresh insights about God’s character and inspire churches to focus on Him in worship.

·         Provide economical and educational worship resources for churches.


Our Core Beliefs

·         Worship is not about what, but about Whom.

·         The most exciting journey in life is to learn more about God, our great Friend and Lover.

·         Anything other than a focus on God cannot be called worship.

 How We Got Here

Genesis Road began as Friday Night Genesis, a monthly worship program in Battle Creek, Michigan. We began this program because there was a local need for a worship experience that celebrated the character of God—the One who created us, the One who provides for all our needs, and the One who wants us to spend an eternity with Him.

After several months, we realized that truly focusing on God in worship was something that was missing from quite a few churches. We also realized—from the experience of the FNG program—that focusing on Him was the most incredible kind of soul food we could imagine! We determined not to keep this little secret to ourselves. So, in 2006, we became Genesis Road, a non-profit organization that would reach out locally and globally to share what we were learning about God with others.

We’re glad you’re here to find out more about us.


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