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Life Without Limits

by Cliff Goldstein

How would you live differently if you knew that:
·         There was more to life than what you were seeing?
·         Something wonderful was awaiting you on the road of life?
·         You were not on this journey by chance, but for a special purpose?

If you knew these things were true, would you live safe and defeated?  Or would you set out to live a larger life—a life without limits?

Paperback (190 pages)

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In this enlightening book, Clifford Goldstein takes on some of life’s biggest questions and offers some answers that will change how you view—and live—your life. With a fascinating mixture of faith and logic he seeks out the truth on such matters as the meaning of life, where we came from, the laws that protect us from pain, and why we can believe in a promising future.

Life Without Limits will start you on a journey more meaningful and exciting than you ever imagined.

Clifford Goldstein has had a long and distinguished writing career. He has written 16 books and numerous magazine articles. He has been the editor of Liberty magazine and Shabbat Shalom magazine.

Clifford, born in Albany, New York, has an apparent passion for writing and studying, and he is a lover of philosophy.

These days Clifford describes his life as "very boring," but in his younger days, Clifford’s life was anything but "boring." Nicknamed "Heckle" by friends at the University of Florida for the colorful verbal assaults he leveled against a certain street preacher, Clifford was the poster boy for rebellion and philosophical skepticism. When Clifford met God all that changed, and he began to use his writing talents and his intellect for God’s glory.

Clifford has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida and a master’s degree from John Hopkins University. He is married to Kimberly and has two children, Zachary and Hannah. In addition to writing, Clifford’s passions are snow-skiing and playing street hockey with his son in front of the White House.

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