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God's Wrath in the Bible

by Jean Sheldon, PhD

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“God’s Wrath” in the Bible is a series of Bible Studies with a group of students at Pacific Union College by Dr. Jean Sheldon. In this series, Dr. Sheldon covers in-depth the subject of "God's wrath" as found in both the Old and New Testaments.

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"God's Wrath" in the Bible
by Jean Sheldon, PhD
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         God's Wrath in the Bible - Study Guide  (downloadable PDF document)

         Lesson 1:          Genesis and God's Anger

         Lesson 2:          Easier Old Testament Wrath Passages

         Lesson 3:          Moses and God's Wrath

         Lesson 4:          Grief as Wrath

         Lesson 5:          Divine Wrath-Autonomous or Metaphorical

         Lesson 6:          Human Anger-Moses and Levites

         Lesson 7:          Wrath and Immorality in Numbers

         Lesson 8:          Anger as a Metaphor

         Lesson 9:          Wrath as a Divine Characteristic
                        Wrath as a Divine Characteristic -Study Guide  (downloadable PDF document)

         Lesson 10:         Wrath as a Divine Characteristic -part 2

         Lesson 11:         Wrath of Babylon

         Lesson 12:         Scapegoat New Testament Wrath

         Lesson 13:         Wrath in Romans

         Lesson 14:         Wrath and Love

         Lesson 15:         Wrath In Revelation -part 1
                        Cup of Wrath -Study Guide  (downloadable PDF document)
                       War In Heaven -Study Guide
  (downloadable PDF document)
                       Issues In The Great Controversy -Study Guide
  (downloadable PDF document)

         Lesson 16:         Wrath In Revelation -part 2
                       Fire as Emotion in OT -Study Guide  (downloadable PDF document)

         Lesson 17:         Wrath In The Plagues-Revelation
                       Seven Last Plagues -Study Guide  (downloadable PDF document)

         Lesson 18:         Lake of Fire-Revelation

Dr. Jean Sheldon has been on the staff of Pacific Union College since 1995. She received her Ph.D in Ancient Near Eastern Religions at the Graduate Theological Union and the University of California, Berkeley in 2002. She is also an ordained minister of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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