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God, Grace and Deception

by John Edison

God, Grace & Deception is a book that explains why God makes sense in a corrupt world. This book will confront you with and offer some answers to many of today’s most asked questions about God—questions such as Why God?, Is He Real?, Does He Exist?

Paperback  (76 pages)

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The most important question is Why God? Is He Real? Does He Exist? If He exists, do we need Him? More and more influential voices are saying no; there is no God. … The growth of knowledge and technical advancement cannot be plotted with a straight line; a sharp upward curve would better represent the advances made in the last 160 years. It only seems logical that belief in God would be at an all-time high because of this escalation of knowledge. What happened?”

In this intentionally brief book, John Edison succinctly makes the case that it doesn’t take an exhaustive study of the “whys about God” to formulate a worldview that can make the difference between a life of despair and a life of hope and joy.

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