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Ligtht on the Dark Side of God

by Marilyn Campbell

Follow the trail of Biblical clues to an amazing and wonderful new picture of God. 



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Looking for God, Where Is God Looking At God for the First Time

by Dr. Brad Cole

This article from the web site GodsCharacter.com starts with a first time look at God by a physician with no preconceived notions about the nature of God.

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Lord, I Have A Question

by Dan Smith

Everything you ever wanted to ask God but were afraid to say out loud.

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      Paperback  208 Pages

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Love and War

Produced by Love and War

SOMETHING IS HAPPENING... but for some reason many of us can't seem to find a narrative in all this chaos and confusion.

Online Video Series


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Love That Heals

by Bill Chambers

Love That Heals is a book written for study and serious reflection. It examines the age old, traditional way of understanding the plan of salvation in the church referred to as "the legal model." It then introduces a better model, or metaphor, for understanding how the plan of salvation works, this model is referred to as "the healing model."

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           Paperback or eBook      186 Pages

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by Jennifer Jill Schwirzer

After eight years of intermittent recording sessions, Jennifer has released the 20-song CD Love/Life.

Music CD

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Medicines That Kill

by Dr. James Marcum

Medicines That Kill: The truth about the Hidden Epidemic. Learn the truth about pharmaceuticals in Dr. Marcum’s new book.


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Models of Salvation

by Bill Chambers

After looking at the title, you may be tempted to bypass this book thinking - I don’t need to study salvation, I know all about that. But before you do, ask yourself, honestly – Am I absolutely sure that I know beyond a shadow of doubt the truth about what salvation is and that I have experienced it for myself?

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Paperback  or  eBook         102 Pages

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Modern Medicine, Biblical Technology and the Brain

by Timothy R. Jennings, MD  and  James L. Marcum, MD

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Modern Medicine, Biblical Technology and the Brain  is a seminar, professionally record and edited that was jointly produced by Come and Reason  and  Heartwise Ministries. 

Set of 2 DVDs

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Oh My God!

by Paul Cinquemani

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A pew sitter gives up on the "organizational" God and starts from scratch: Are God and the Bible understandable for ordinary people? The most astonishing expose on God in terms your fifth grader can understand that's ever been published.

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