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If God, Then Creation?

Designed & Compiled by The Ministry Place

 Assuming that God exists, must we also believe that God created life and the existence of everything?  When we look closely at life, whether human, animal or plant, do we see the  “fingerprints” of a designer?

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Illuminating Shadows

By Herb Montgomery

Jesus and the God of the Old Testament.

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In The Beginning

by Dr. Stan Hudson

A 7-DVD series about science and religion, creation science and evolution that has been shown on The Hope Channel and Three Angels Broadcasting networks.

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Is God? God Is! e-Seminar

Designed & Compiled by  The Ministry Place, Inc.


An online,  self-paced, multi-media e-Seminar designed to help you find answers to your God-questions.  This seminar provides a unique learning/thinking experience and the subject is God.   

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Is There Really A God?

by Dr. Greg Boyd

This presentation was made at the 2009 Good News Tour in Vancouver, BC by Dr. Greg Boyd.  Greg tells the story of his atheistically based search for God.

The Good News Tour is a conference that is entirely about God.



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Law and Freedom in Galatians

by Brad Cole

How did Christ set us free? In what sense are we now "free" as Christians? The book of Galatians is a great place to understand what freedom is all about..



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Life Unlimited

By Herb Montgomery

Jesus modeled for us a path that leads to life. He said that only a few, though, find it. This is a path for those who have forsaken an "eye for and eye" way of living.

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Life Unlimited Life Without Limits

by Cliff Goldstein

How would you live differently if you knew that:
·         There was more to life than what you were seeing?
·         Something wonderful was awaiting you on the road of life?
·         You were not on this journey by chance, but for a special purpose?

If you knew these things were true, would you live safe and defeated?  Or would you set out to live a larger life—a life without limits?

Paperback (190 pages)

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Ligtht on the Dark Side of God

by Marilyn Campbell

Follow the trail of Biblical clues to an amazing and wonderful new picture of God. 



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Looking for God, Where Is God Looking At God for the First Time

by Dr. Brad Cole

This article from the web site GodsCharacter.com starts with a first time look at God by a physician with no preconceived notions about the nature of God.

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